Service Plan

updated for July 25, 2021 and beyond

As we move back into meeting at Swans Creek Elementary (directions) beginning July 25, 2021 we wanted to provide you with some details about our overall service plan:

  1. We will have Pillar Kids classes for Infants – 2nd Grade. You will check in for Pillar Kids in the lobby where you enter the building and find information there about where to drop them off for their classes.
  2. We will continue to provide a quality LiveStream of the service for those who cannot gather with us in person at this time. You can find the links to our LiveStream at
  3. You will no longer have to bring your own chairs for the service. We will provide seating in rows with some extra spacing to allow for some distancing between households. There will also be space in the back for those who still desire to bring their own seating and social distance. We realize different people have different needs and comfort levels as they navigate gathering at this time.
  4. We will no longer be using sign-ups for the services.
  5. We will be welcoming Iglesia Biblica Gracia Eterna back to gathering in the same building with us and sharing in childcare with us.

As you continue to make decisions about gathering in person with us we ask that you give consideration to the following guidelines:

  1. If you are showing symptoms of Covid-19 or you have been recently exposed to someone with Covid-19 and are not yet fully vaccinated please remain at home.
  2. Be supportive of the needs and safety concerns of others in regards to masks and social-distancing.
  3. Consult the CDC recommendations about masks and social-distancing for you and your family’s own specific situations.