Here is some information about our Children’s Ministry.

GOSPEL CLARITY: Our biggest priority is to plant Gospel seeds in the hearts of children. Each week, our preschoolers-5th graders learn a lesson from the Bible that points back to Jesus. We use The Gospel Project for Kids, which provides a chronological, three-year Bible study plan for kids of all ages.

CHECK-IN: If you are attending for the first time you can pre-register your children through our CONNECT BEFORE YOU COME form. Once your child’s information is in our check-in system you can use any of our 4 check-in stations. In order to check-in, simply type in your family’s last name. Select the children you want to check in and your name tags will print automatically.

  • Your parent tag has a unique code that matches the code on your child’s tag. This is how we ensure that a child is only picked up by an authorized adult, usually the parent (or older sibling with the parent tag). When you pick up your child, the volunteer will match your parent tag with your child’s tag. Our volunteers have been trained to dismiss a child ONLY if a parent tag has been provided.
  • Always escort children. Children may not check themselves in to their classrooms. 
  • Your child’s name tag has the phone number that you provided on it. Should we need to contact you during the service, we will text that phone number. Please keep your phone nearby in case we need to contact you.
  • 3rd-5th graders go into the worship service with their parent/s and are dismissed to class right before the sermon starts.


  • Any outside food should be eaten BEFORE a child is dropped off in the classroom, to protect children with food allergies
  • If your child has any allergies or special medical information, please be sure that it is documented on their name tag. If not, ask our check-in volunteer to add it to your child’s profile.
  • Any snacks provided by Pillar are gluten/nut/dairy free.

SAFETY: All Pillar Church Children’s Ministry Volunteers (ages 18 +) have gone through a multi-step application and screening process to ensure the safety of your child/ren. Each volunteer has passed a criminal background check and taken an online child safety training as well as met with the director for policy training. All volunteers agree to abide by our policies while serving at Pillar Church and have attended Pillar for at least 6 weeks.

For more details about our Children’s Ministry Program and Policies, pick up a Parent Handbook at the Check-In Table. 

FAMILY RESOURCES:  A weekly lesson recap is provided to parents. This email provides a detailed summary of what your children learned about on Sunday as well as some talking points and questions to go over together. The memory verse for the unit is listed as well as the upcoming Sunday’s lesson title. Many of our families read this together at mealtime or in the car as a way to review the lesson and continue learning.

EVENTS:  Information about upcoming events is provided in the Family Resources email. To stay connected via social media, follow Pillar Church of Dumfries on Facebook.  

VOLUNTEERING: We provide classes for kids from 0-5th grade and serve an average of 120 children a week. We encourage all regularly attending families to consider serving on our monthly volunteer rotation. To begin this process, email Lydia Ramseyer at [email protected]

In Christ,

Lydia Ramseyer