Life Groups

We currently have groups meeting on different nights of the week in Stafford, Quantico, Dumfries, and Woodbridge. Fill out the short form by clicking the image and let us help connect you to a group that fits your location and schedule.


Lake Ridge Area – Sunday Evening, Tim Speace

Woodbridge Area – Sunday Evening, Bobby Gomez

Dumfries Area (Men) – Sunday Evening, Jamie Limato

Quantico Area – Sunday Evening, Jake Rogers

Stafford Area – Sunday Evening, Mike Garlem

Stafford Area – Monday Evening, Dale Hutchinson

Montclair Area – Thursday Evening, Brendan Jeffs

Stafford Area – Thursday Evening, David Fletcher

Stafford Area – Thursday Evening, Ted Vinatieri

Dumfries Area – Friday Evening, Scott Foust

Dumfries Area (Men) – Saturday Morning, Alex Chatman