Week of Prayer

Use the same ZOOM link for the morning prayer times this week. Click the icon to join.

 Meeting ID: 369 485 5865

Take a moment to read “Go to God Together” by Marshall Seagall. It is an excellent peek into our heart for the week of prayer.

Utilize the 21 Days of Prayer Devotional and Guided Prayers from Strategic Renewal found at This Link.


Pillar Church Week of Prayer – Jan 7-13  (schedule below)

The week of prayer will include a combination of focused individual prayer guides and opportunities for corporate prayer.

 We are asking our entire Pillar family to join us in the following opportunities:

  1. Set aside extra individual and family time for prayer this week.
  2. Join us for at least two of the scheduled prayer times throughout the week

Scheduled Prayer Times 

Sunday In-Person 9:30am @ PSMS

Sunday Night 5pm – Various Life Groups

Monday-Friday 6:45am (use Zoom link)

Tuesday Night 7pm – Members Meeting and Prayer

Wednesday Night 7:45pm – Tenfold Youth Group

Thursday Night 5:30pm – Various Life Groups

Friday Night 6:30pm – Various Life Groups

Saturday 4:00 pm – At the future Pillar Building Site