January 27-February 3 is the Pillar Week of Prayer. Look at the times below and make plans to join us throughout the week as we gather to pray for spiritual renewal in our lives and power for our gospel mission.

How to get involved:

  1. Consider this week as a consecrated time for devoting extra focus in your life to joining with our church body for prayer. Stretch and strategize to participate as much as possible.
  2. Pay attention to the daily e-mails and set aside time to pray for the focus area of the day.
  3. Join with your normally scheduled Life Group time that is hosting prayer. If you usually have childcare for your group there will be childcare that night as well for your kids.
  4. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate at other times, but it would be helpful if you send an email to let the group leader know you are planning to be there. If you forget, go anyway. We want you there!
  5. Additional childcare is only available at the locations noted below with **. In order to utilize the childcare on a particular evening, you will need to e-mail the group leader to see if there is still additional space available.
  6. Children who are old enough to listen in on the prayer time without a lot of interruptions are welcomed and encouraged in the prayer times.



9:30am – Prayer before Worship at Swans Creek Elementary

6:00pm – Members Meeting and Kickoff to Week of Prayer (Swans Creek)


6:15am – Zoom Call Prayer – https://zoom.us/j/235336353

6:30pm – Prayer Gathering  (North Stafford, Fletcher Home), Contact David Fletcher


6:15am – Zoom Call Prayer – https://zoom.us/j/341342909

11:30am – Prayer Gathering (Quantico, Pillar Quantico Space), Contact Colby Garman

8:00pm – Prayer Gathering (Dumfries, Alvarez Home) Contact Sergio Alvarez


6:15am – Zoom Call Prayer – https://zoom.us/j/293884534

7:00pm – Prayer and Worship Gathering (Dumfries, Clifton Home) Contact Clint Clifton

7:00pm – Tenfold Prayer Gathering


6:15am – Zoom Call Prayer – https://zoom.us/j/826177033

6:30pm – Prayer Gathering (Woodbridge, Walker Home) Contact Logan Douglas **

6:30pm – Prayer Gathering  (Montclair, Kolarcik Home) Contact Brendan Jeffs **

6:30pm – Prayer Gathering (Cardinal Drive, Steele Home) Contact Matt Steele


6:15am – Zoom Call Prayer – https://zoom.us/j/373844238

12:00pm – Prayer Gathering at the Pentagon (Prayer Room 2D6578), Contact Ryan Peugh

6:30pm – Prayer Gathering (Potomac Shores, Grossenbacher Home) Contact Kay Grossenbacher


8:00am – Men’s Prayer Gathering (Dumfries, Church Office) Contact Alex Chatman

8:00am – Prayer Gathering (Stafford, Runnels Home)

6:30 pm – Prayer and Worship Gathering (Montclair, Long Home) Contact Amanda Long