Outdoor Service Plan

updated for Sunday 6/14/20
This Sunday you have two options for participating in the worship service. We will have an Outdoor Service held at the property of Colonial Baptist in Stafford (Directions) and we will broadcast the entire service with a high quality Live Stream that you can view at home.
After reading the Outdoor Worship plan below, if you plan to attend the outdoor service please take a moment to fill out this form. You can still come if you don’t fill out the form, but it would be helpful for planning purposes.
Online: We will provide links via YouTube and FB Live on our online page at www.pillardumfries.com/online. The Live Stream will start at 10:30am and will connect you to everything going on in our Outdoor Worship Service.
Outdoor Worship: In adherence to VA guidelines for religious services we will be set up for a contactless outdoor worship service at 10:30am on the field above the facility in Stafford. We are excited to provide this opportunity to gather and look forward to a great day of worship together. Below you will find important information for how to participate and guidelines for maintaining a safe environment.
Here is the basic plan:
  • You will need to bring your own seating. Picnic chairs or camping chairs as well as blankets for sitting on the ground would work well.
  • We will have a parking team guiding you to park every other space as you enter the property.
  • The Welcome team will greet you as you go up to the field and remind you of important safety guidelines that are posted.
  • There will be pre-drawn boxes spaced six feet apart for each household to set up their seating with clear spacing.
  • Words for the songs will be provided through a digital bulletin.
  • The bread and cup for the Lord’s Supper will be available in disposable, individually wrapped packets safely spaced on tables for you to pick up as you enter.
  • The service will last approximately 55 minutes in order to limit the need for using the restrooms.
  • There will be a 15 minute period after the service that you can fellowship with others seated near you after which we will begin encouraging everyone to exit.
  • Restrooms will be provided for one person at a time if necessary with a sanitation station provided.
  • Face coverings will be available for those who need them.
We will expect those attending to uphold the following Event Safety Guidelines:
  • If you are feeling sick, please stay home or seek the care of your doctor.
  • Maintain a six foot distance from those outside your household.
  • If you have children, help them respect the guidelines and boundaries for others.
  • Per VA guidelines wear a face covering when inside public buildings or in close contact with others outside your household.
  • No hugging, handshakes, or high-fives with those outside your household. We know you will be excited to see one another but please respect the contact guidelines.
Check out our video walk-through of the event to become more familiar with the location.  https://youtu.be/IoCgYJHsUtI
It is going to be a beautiful morning and we look forward to the opportunity to gather on the lawn and online. For those who join us in-person we would encourage you to dress comfortably and bring water as needed. Whether you plan to attend in-person or join us online we look forward to worshipping together and experiencing God’s love for us in Christ.
Serving Christ Together,
Pillar Church Elders