We have a small library of resources that are categorized into four folders: community, gospel, leadership, and mission.   Please click the link below to review the list of options available via PDF:

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The Four Key Spiritual Rhythms study will give you a chance to walk through important practices for spiritual growth and challenge one another to take steps to engage with God in practical ways. The 4 areas are taken from our larger “Grow Your Faith” discipleship guide and are set up to make it easy to learn from scriptures and facilitate growth discussions. Everyone can use the PDF together. Download the PDF here

The “Get Wisdom” Study will provide you 5 weeks of conversations that you can use together to study Proverbs and grow in wisdom. There are three things provided to use. 1. Full length Study Notes that all of you could read before meeting together but will really benefit the facilitator. 2. Abridged Conversation Guides that you could read aloud when you meet to get everyone on the same page 3. A set of study questions to work through each week. 

Week 1 Anger – Full Length , Abridged

Week 2 Diligence – Full Length, Abridged

Week 3 Wealth – Full Length, Abridged

Week 4 Decisions and Providence – Full Length, Abridged

Week 5 Friendship – Full Length, Abridged

Questions to Answer Together

Additional Life Group Resources

Please fill out the Resource Request form by clicking the “click here” button to request a resource that you would likea acquired for your life group: