The Great Christmas Cookie Exchange is a massive exchange of holiday baked goods hosted by Pillar Church.

Here is how it works:
1. On Sunday, December 8th, you will come to church with 5 dozen Christmas Cookies of a single variety that you baked (no store bought allowed!)

2. You will package the cookies at home by placing 5 cookies in a ziploc bag and sealing them up (12 bags total).

3. Sunday morning everyone who brought cookies will be designated a spot to place them on pre-arranged tables.

4. Each participant will draw a number (1 to however many participants we have).

5. Beginning with the lower numbers we will allow people to go around and begin selecting up to 12 cookie bags from the others available until we are finished.

6. Label if your cookies are Allergen friendly.

Ways to make it fun:
1. Get together with some friends and neighbors to bake together and invite them to come along.

2. Provide a recipe card so that others can make your cookies at home.

3. Bake a family favorite or childhood favorite that is unique.

4. Provide a plate of extras that people can try on the spot.