Pillar Church Week of Prayer –September 22-29 (schedule below)

The week of prayer will include a combination of focused individual prayer guides, opportunities for corporate prayer hosted by our Life Groups, and additional corporate prayer opportunities. See the schedule below for opportunities and locations.

You are encouraged to participate in the following ways:

  1. Set aside extra individual and family time for prayer this week.
  2. Attend your Life Group and utilize your normal childcare plan for the group that you are a part of.
  3. Join for prayer with any of the scheduled prayer times below, but do not plan to utilize the childcare in any groups that you are not already a part of. Our groups are not positioned to facilitate unexpected childcare needs.
  4. Join us online via Zoom call Monday-Thursday for a time of prayer hosted by Pastor Colby. Click on one of the Zoom links below and it will prompt you to set up for Zoom.
  5. Join us for a special time of prayer for our students on Wednesday evening during our normally scheduled Tenfold meeting.
  6. Join us for a special time of prayer next Saturday on the land of our future building site.


10:30am – Kickoff to Week of Prayer (Swans Creek)

5:00pm – Prayer gathering (Hope Hill Crossing Woodbridge, Gomez Home) email

5:00pm – Prayer gathering (Rippon Landing Woodbridge, Manry Home) email


6:15am – Morning Prayer via Zoom Call

6:30pm – Prayer Gathering  (Stafford, Hutchinson Home) email


6:15am – Morning Prayer via Zoom Call

7:00pm – Prayer Gathering (Town of Quantico) email


6:15am – Morning Prayer via Zoom Call

8:00pm – Prayer w/ our Students at Tenfold (Church Office)


6:15am – Morning Prayer via Zoom Call

6:00pm – Prayer Gathering (Stafford, Fletcher Home) email

6:30pm – Prayer Gathering  (Montclair, Kolarcik Home) email


6:30pm – Prayer Gathering (Montclair, Long Home) email


8:00am – Men’s Prayer Gathering (Dumfries, Church Office)

5:00 pm – Prayer Gathering at the land of our future meeting site (Location) email


9:30am – Corporate Prayer at Swans Creek prior to Worship

5:00 pm – Prayer Gathering (Lake Ridge, Speace Home) email

5:00 pm – Prayer Gathering (Quantico McHugh Woods, Community Center) email