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World Changers 2017 Deposits Due


Chesapeake, VA: July 17-22, 2017 Puerto Rico: June 12-17 OR 19-24, 2017

Tenfold Youth will be returning to Chesapeake, VA for the 4th time to serve the community with World Changers. We are also going to Puerto Rico

The cost of these trip covers registration and travel expenses. For Puerto Rico, the price may change; it is dependent on the cost of flights.

To offset costs, the youth will host group fundraisers and are also encouraged to individually get creative in order to save money for their World Changers registration. A few examples of this would be: *snow removal *Mowing lawns *babysitting *spring cleaning/yard sales–(did you know you could sell used books to 2nd and Charles? or clothes at consignment shops?

Check back at your registration page for more information as the time draws near. You will receive email updates as well.

SPACE IS LIMITED!!! So be sure to sign up ASAP!