The Garmans in Iceland

The Garmans are preparing to head to Iceland on Sunday night and we thought it would be good to share with you some of the info about the upcoming trip that we presented at our recent members meeting. For a quick overview here are 4 highlights.

  1. June 19-August 11 is the total duration of the ministry work we will be doing there this summer.
  2. $7100 (as of 6/17/2016) is the total amount of money we have raised this far to cover the basic expenses of $8500 that were estimated. The expenses will cover: airfare, lodging for the Garmans and all volunteer teams, a vehicle in Iceland. Please consider giving to help cover the remaining costs of the trip by following this link and selecting “Iceland Mission Trip Fund” under the Fund category.
  3. We recently shared that Gunnar and Svava’s son Mikael was diagnosed with Leukemia and has begun treatments. Pray for them and for us to have wisdom how to best support them throughout the summer.
  4. Read Pillar Church Summer Plan 2016 for more information about the plans for Pillar Dumfries this summer. It will answer basic questions about the preaching, pastoral care, outreach and more.