Sermon Series for December

Every year around Christmas time I hear conversations around me about “not getting caught up in the things that don’t matter” or “keeping it simple”. It seems that people recognize that all of the activities and gifts and experiences are really just exhausting when there is nothing significant at the center of it all.  As we go through December at Pillar we are going to take time to walk through the gospel of Luke’s presentation of the birth of Christ and celebrate Jesus at the Center of it All: Our Life, Our History, Our Joy, and Our Hope. Below you will find a schedule of the passages we will look at so that you can read and be prepared.

The Announcement (Luke 1:26-38): The Center of Our Life

The Arrival (Luke 2:1-7): The Center of History

The Applause (Luke 2:8-20): The Center of Our Joy

The Dedication (Luke 2:22-38): The Center of Our Hope