PILLAR BASICS: Make Disciples – Video Course

Our PILLAR BASICS course called Make Disciples will help you grow your understanding of how to be involved in helping others grow in their faith. There are three video sessions that will take you through the content in each of the listening guides below. In the final video segment you will be introduced to the Grow Your Faith discipleship guide to be used as a starting point in peer-to-peer discipleship relationships. The PDF of the discipleship can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Make Disciples Video Session 1
Make Disciples Video Session 2
Make Disciples Video Session 3

Listening Guide Session 1
Listening Guide Session 2
Listening Guide Session 3

Teaching Script

The Grow Your Faith discipleship guide available as a single PDF for you to use and print. The guide will be available as a printed booklet in the near future.

Grow Your Faith