Pillar Basics Course: Plant Churches

Our next Pillar Basics course starts on May 6th and will include two session in May at 9am prior to the morning Worship Service (May 6th and 20th). We want all members to know and understand the significance of planting new Churches.

If you have attended a Sunday morning service at Pillar, you have undoubtedly heard that “Pillar of Dumfries is a Church Planting Church” A lot of what we do may seem counter-intuitive to the outside world, or maybe even to you. We sacrifice time, effort, money, and members, because we believe planting new Churches for the sake of the Gospel, aligns perfectly with our purpose: “To know Jesus and make Him known.”

Because of that we want everyone to join us and are making plans to make it possible. We are setting up a system that will allow our whole church to participate by having each participant serve one week and catch up on the content by video during the next week.

When you sign up, only register those who will be participating in the actual course. There will be a separate box on the registration where you can indicate children who will need childcare.


Register Here.