Meals with Jesus – Sermon Series

What happens when Jesus comes to dinner? In the gospel of Luke we see that a meal was often the setting that Jesus chose for the most surprising and powerful conversations about his mission.  As we watch Jesus in conversation the gospel gets clearer and God’s kingdom is set before us like a feast to enjoy and look forward to.

This summer we will join Jesus around the table as we walk through 11 of these meals with Jesus and learn what they proclaim to us about the gospel and the Kingdom of God.


10 A Meal with Levi: The Invitation of the Gospel – Luke 5:27-39

17 A Meal with Simon the Pharisee: The Forgiveness of the Gospel – Luke 7:36-50

24 A Meal with The Hungry Crowd: The Participation in the Gospel – Luke 9:10-17


1  Special Sunday w/ Arts Camp Exhibition

8   A Meal with Mary and Martha: The Communion of the Gospel – Luke 10:38-42

15   A Meal with Pharisees and Lawyers: The Cleansing of the Gospel – Luke 11:37-54

22 A Meal with Pharisees and Lawyers: The Inclusion of the Gospel – Luke 14:1-33

29 A Meal with the Lost and Found: The Joy of the Gospel – Luke 15:1-32


5   A Meal with Zacchaeus: The Child-like Faith of the Gospel – Luke 19:1-10


12  A Meal with the Disciples: The Substitution of the Gospel – Luke 22:14-20

19 A Meal with Cleopas: The Illumination of the Gospel – Luke 24:13-44

26 A Meal with the Disciples: The Commissioning of the Gospel – Luke 24:36-49