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Join our Children’s Ministry Team

Did you know that there are 60-80 children participating in children’s ministry on any given Sunday?

It takes a small village of over 40 adults to provide a safe, loving environment where these children learn about how every story in the Bible leads to the cross.

From now through September, there are many volunteers who will be stepping down from Children’s Ministry. We are not surprised to have so many leaving, due to the transient nature of this area, and we are choosing to trust that God will fill the needs that will arise.

We have 2 goals for our volunteers in Children’s Ministry: to provide effective ministry where children hear the gospel and to spread the work across the whole body; to bear the burden together. In order to be effective in ministry and avoid spreading our volunteers too thin, we have a system in place in which each volunteer only serves one Sunday a month. This system, although great, only works if we have enough volunteers.

As members of Pillar, we have made a covenant together to share our time, talents, treasures, and teaching for the good of the body and our pursuit of Christ. Serving in Children’s Ministry is one way to fulfill that commitment.

Would you intentionally pray for our Children’s Ministry?

Pray that the leadership team will “trust in the Lord with all our hearts and lean not on our own understandings”.
Pray for our current teachers to remain steadfast throughout the coming changes and that they will not grow weary.
Pray for God to raise up new volunteers from our church family who are excited to bring the gospel to the kids at Pillar.

Prayerfully consider volunteering in Children’s Ministry.
Our team members serve in Children’s Ministry one Sunday a month, from 9:45-12:15. That’s just 2 ½ hours a month. We provide Christ-centered care for children from nursery to 5th grade, split into 5 classes.


April: – Trees (3rd-5th grade) 2 openings – Seedlings (0-walkers) 1 opening

May: – Sprouts (Toddlers) 1 opening – Trees (Kindergarten-2nd grade) 1 opening – Trees (3rd-5th grade) 1 opening

June: – Buds (3’s and 4’s) 2 openings – Trees (3rd-5th grade) 1 opening

September – Trees (Kindergarten-2nd grade) 1 opening

Here’s how to respond: 1. Have conversations with members about the importance of serving the body in Children’s Ministry. 2. To learn more about our ministry and specific positions, contact Lydia Ramseyer at [email protected]