International Friends preparing for new year at NOVA


Have you ever considered the opportunity for the gospel that we have here in Northern Virginia? There are thousands of internationals here in Prince William County alone.
Many are from countries where religious freedom is suppressed; many have never even had exposure to the gospel. Missionaries have a hard time getting into these countries, but we have a unique opportunity to reach these nations with the gospel from right here in our backyard.

For the last two years we have been intentionally trying to build gospel relationships with internationals through a ministry called “International Friends.” “International Friends” reaches out to international students at Northern Virginia Community College in Woodbridge. We offer to help them practice their English through events and discussion groups.

What we need in order to get this ministry off the ground:

An Event Coordinator (Time commitment-low): Someone willing to plan and/or lead an event (bowling, hiking, cooking class…be creative…think about what you love and how you could use that to get to know and bless someone from a different country!)

Volunteers to just COME to the events (Time commitment-low): Someone willing get to know internationals, and have them over for dinner (or just build an ongoing friendship that could lead to sharing the gospel)

A Communication Coordinator (Time commitment-low): Someone willing to send emails and get the word out about events and programs.

English Discussion Group Coordinator (Time commitment- low to medium): Someone willing to host and/or lead a regular (bi monthly) discussion group where students gather and practice their English.


We will be having an interest meeting after church on Sept. 4th (12:15-1:00—snacks provided) for those who are willing to add fuel to this ministry! If you have ANY INTEREST AT ALL, please come so you can get more info! Please let Annie Garman know if you’re interested in being a part in any way! ([email protected])