Christmas Sermon Series

Join us this Christmas Season as we look at the birth of Christ in the Gospel of Luke. Through the first two chapters of Luke’s gospel he highlights the ways in which God was using the seemingly ordinary events of life to create the perfect backdrop for understanding the significance of the birth of Christ. Throughout the narrative we see that God purposed everything down to the smallest details to communicate His love and power on a grand scale to the world and on a personal level to each person. When we pay close attention we see a God powerful enough to change everything and personal enough to change us. And that is what Christmas is all about.

Here are the portions of Luke’s Gospel we will study each week if you want to read ahead before each Sunday:

Nov 26 -Luke 1:1-25
Dec 03 -Luke 1:26-45
Dec 10 -Luke 1:46-56
Dec 17 -Luke 1:57-80
Dec 24 -Luke 2:1-20
Dec 31 -Luke 2:21-38