Adorn Women’s Retreat

ADORN is a women’s weekend retreat for anyone seeking spiritual encouragement. Our aim is to kindle your love for Christ and equip you to make Him known in your circles of influence. All women are invited (college age and up), whether or not you are a member of our churches.

The event will take place APRIL 27-28th, 2018 at the International Learning Center

For information about the logistics of the weekend click HERE

ADORN is comprised of these core elements:

Sessions – We will gather together for teaching sessions, learning to ADORN ourselves with internal beauty and glorify God as women. THIS YEAR THERE WILL BE BREAK-OUT SESSIONS!!

Fun –There will be a variety of outings on Saturday afternoon of the retreat. You can choose from some fun activities (hiking, biking, kayaking, etc.) or just stay back at the center for a relaxing afternoon.

Friendship – This weekend gives you space to connect with the ladies you see every Sunday but would like to get to know better, to see old friends within our network of churches, and to forge new friendships. It is our hope that our churches would be marked by strong friendship and sisterhood and weekends like this are a way to make that possible.