Fund Raising Projects

Please consider assisting Tenfold Youth Ministries in raising funds for their 2015 Summer Missions trip by allowing them to rake leaves, shovel walks/driveways, or by doing odd jobs around your home. The funds will go toward reducing their costs to travel and work as a part of a World Changer Youth Missions All you have to do is send an e-mail to:

[email protected]

In your request, please include; your phone number, the work you want done, the time frame you want it done, and the name of the youth who gave you this invite. We will then schedule an appointment with you to get the work done.

As for payment; you can pay after the job is complete by either cash, check, or via the ‘Donate’ link below. This link is secure, fast, and easy. Additionally, you can also donate to the trip in general as well.

Coming Soon–> Special fundraiser events! Check back for more information regarding these events and how YOU can have a part in supporting our Youth on Mission!

Looking forward to serving you in order to serve others!!

TenFoldMissions_Lawnmower             TenFoldMissions_RakeBroom