Over the past few months I have been encouraged by the vitality and growth we are experiencing as body. It shows up in so many ways on a weekly basis. I have been encouraged by the way I see people connecting with one another on Sundays, ministering to neighbors and others in the community throughout the week, supporting our planters and missionaries, and growing in maturity through the challenges of life.

Even despite saying goodbye to so many families this spring and summer, we have welcomed so many others and have experienced numerical growth on Sundays, in Life Groups, in courses, and all across the board. It has been a great season in the life of our church in so many ways.

In the area of the General Offerings that support our budget and mission we have actually experienced a deficit. As our Elders met recently to review our last financial quarter and the financial year we thought it would be important to share with you that our giving has been coming in below our budget needs for the past several months. The overall financial outlook of the church remains stable and healthy, but it is important for us to keep you updated about our current status.

Our General Offering goal for our budget sits currently at a monthly amount of $27,500 and we have been averaging $24,000 for the past 6 months. In a season where our opportunities for ministry in the community are growing, where the needs within our body are growing, and where we are more equipped than ever to make an impact we believe it is important for each of us to consider with the Lord  how we can take a step forward as a church in the area of financial support.

Here is what we would like to ask you to do:

  1. Pray that God would help us as a church resource the mission he has called us to. 
  2. Examine your part in contributing to the financial resourcing of the church’s mission. Maybe you are giving generously, then pray for others and continue to be faithful. Maybe there are ways you can take a step forward in your giving. Maybe you were giving faithfully in the past and have missed out on contributing recently. Whatever your situation, we ask that you would take some time to consider this before the Lord and respond accordingly.
  3. Consider setting up regular giving through our GIVING portal. Many people in our church have already set up recurring giving using ACH through our giving portal. An ACH draft is the lowest cost way to give digitally (25 cents per draft) and helps make our donation base consistent. You can set up your giving at this link. 

As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We would be happy to discuss any financial questions and provide additional clarity if necessary.

Serving with you,

Colby Garman

on behalf of our Elders